About Me!

Heya!! Welcome to my style blog! ^_^

The inspiration for this blog came about as a result of a New Year's resolution in which I am trying to make a conscious effort to improve my style since anyone who knows me will describe me as something along the lines of a tomboy. And thus, this blog was created.

Here, I will mainly post about the outfits that I wear, fashion finds, and maybe venture into the beauty world with a few reviews every now and then. For the record, I don't claim to be an expert on fashion or beauty (hell, I'm a complete n00b when it comes to all things make up!), but I'd like to use this space in order to explore and learn more about those two aspects as I try to find my ultimate style!

If I process my photos, then they go through Picnik, and the only edits I make are to add auto-fix, curved borders, watermark text, and sometimes a matte border just because I like pretty borders.

Feel free to email me at: mydearchopsticks(at)gmail(dot)com

Peace out!

Yishi xxx