Tuesday, 24 April 2012

[Style] Vintage with a black ribbon!

Hey there!!

I came across this image when doing a search for heels with ribbon laces, and liked the look so much I decided to give it a go myself!

Image source
White Retro Ring, Black Ribbon, Stradivarius White Top, H&M High Waisted Black Skirt, Embis Black Heels
OK, so I don't own a white retro ring, a Stradivarius white top, a H&M high waisted skirt or Embis black heels, but what I DO own is a black ribbon, a Primarni (Primark hehe) white top, a Moda Vera high waisted skirt and a pair of Clark ribbon heels, so here we go:

Sorry the quality is not great...I'm using my phone camera at the moment!
Hewwo :3
OK...after my exams I'll invest in a decent camera and retake these photos...
*dies of shame*
Well worn but well loved!
And the obligatory selca ᵔᴥᵔ
Hmm, I think the model pulled that outfit off better than I did, but nevertheless it was funfunfun to have a go! I've come to realisation that I can't go on for much longer using my phone as a camera...so if anyone has any decent camera recommendations, do let me know!

Until next time, lovelies! (✿◠‿◠)

Yishi x


  1. cute "school girl" look! love it!

  2. aw sweet look >w</ it look nice on you!

    love from Indonesia,

  3. Lovely blog.

  4. wow! love your outfits *-* i looked all posts and i find it very interesting. <3<3



  5. Found your blog through soompi :)

    That outfit is soo cute! I confess I love the schoolgirl look but never feel like I can pull it off without looking dorky, but it looks great on you here! I love the little twist with the ribbon, too.


  6. Very cute and lovely. :) <3