Tuesday, 14 February 2012

[OOTD] Valentine Outfit

Hey there! Happy Valentine's Day for those of you that celebrate it! ^_^

Today, I went to my college's Formal Hall, and since it was a formal occasion, I got to dress up! If you want to see photos from it, then check out my diary post, but anyhow, here is my outfit:

With college gown, and without...

I'm wearing the Fatal Dress by Wolford, which is an "opaque, seamless tube for an individual style. Can be worn as a skirt, top or dress. Sensually soft, made of exclusive Velvet material." I came across this at the Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet during my summer internship in Liverpool, and fell in love with it straight away. Luckily, the dress was 33% discounted at the Outlet! :)

You can do a lot of cool stuff with this dress:

But obviously this video is there to try to get you to buy more than one colour... T_T

If you only have one colour, then your options are limited, but so far, I've been able to turn this into a ruched mini dress, a respectable length dress, a mini skirt, and a pencil skirt. Maybe I'll do a showcase post in the future? ^_^

Anyway, this is the first time that I wore my Albano heels out, and they definitely got a lot of attention!

I kinda ran out of time and also don't actually own/use any foundation/BB Cream so kept my face bare but moisturised. I curled my eyelashes, added eyeliner, a flick of Dior's Diorshow Waterproof and a pair of false lashes from the Eylure Natural range. For the eyeshadow, I just used L'Oreal's Infaillable 027 Goldmine and left my lips blank. None of that really shows in this photo, since it was taken at the end of the night (and I have huge shadows under my eyes >_<) so oh well...!

Anyway, goodnight, and as always, comments = love love! :)

Yishi xxx


  1. You have really good skin - don't even need foundation! You looked gorgegous in that outfit!

  2. Yeaah showcase your dress. It looked so interesting in the video. Is your dress multicolored too? because I saw the model had one where one of the sides where green and the other was purple..

  3. That dress is so neat! o: I would love to see a post with your variations of the dress. c:
    You look gorgeous in the dress (and I'm loving your heels~)! Your make-up looks really natural and pretty~ And your skin is so good! You don't need foundation! c:

  4. happy Valentine's hon! :D I can't believe you only moisturised your face and your skin looks amazing. you're very lucky that with only minimal makeup you still look great! and wow that dress is pretty cool. It's amazing all the ways you can style it and mm it does look super soft and comfy haha....<3


  5. Happy belated valentines. It's always exciting to find such versatile pieces! looking forward to seeing how you wear it again :)


  6. hi Yishi again! thanks for your comment on my blog :P about the photos- I asked my bf and he said it's really simple. for the sunlight photos, it's about getting the timing right, just when the sun is going down and then you'll easily capture the sun flare in your snaps. for everything else he's just practised, practised, practised. he started off with a very basic, entry-level camera and practised in trying to make the most of it. and then he slowly upgraded to the eos 5D mark II and now he has the skills as well as the better equipment. thanks for the idea about the guest post, I would love for him to do something like that! xD perhaps one day you'll see an entry on my blog from him, when he has the time! :)


  7. you look great!! nice outfit :)