Sunday, 5 February 2012

[OOTD] Snow Day

Hey there, remember when I told you about the shorts and boots that I bought a few posts ago? Well, I finally got a chance to wear them today, and guess what? I teamed them up with each other!

Song of the day: This Is War by MBLAQ (a little depressing but pretty beautiful ^^)

If you've read my diary post, then you will know that today it was a super snowy day in Cambridge, and that I had a lunch date with some friends! I felt like it would be nice to wear a shirt that I'd bought over Christmas and to dress it down with the shorts and boots. Here's what the overall outfit looks like:

Customary mirror shot.

Necklace: Pearls from China
Tank top: Primark
Shorts: Bay
Boots: Office

Eeek, didn't realise how creased the shirt was!

You can see the detail of the shorts better here. The boots have a four inch heel, and were 17% of the original price! Thank you January sales!

My outerwear: Coat from China
Accessories: As seen here

I'll do a post soon about the coat that I bought - it's pretty awesome as it's a 2 in 1 in that you can remove the fur lining and wear that as a separate jacket! :D

I was going to post about the coat earlier but I broke my camera whilst taking some photos of the coat... :(

Anyway, that's all for now! If you have any comments or critiques then do let me know! ^^

Yishi xxx


  1. It snowed in Denmark too! So it's freezing cold now :( but I can't help but wear tights even when it's so cold ^^

  2. I love the shirt and the shorts~ c:
    It's cold where I am too. :C
    Stay warm! :'D

  3. I love your boots! i tried to find them on the office website but I couldn't find them :(.
    Oh and we haven't had any snow at all in bournemouth! I kinda want some ^^.

  4. Pretty OOTD ^^ I especially love the boots! I was looking for a pair like that but I am so picky with the heel height which makes it difficult lol.

  5. you pull off that blouse really well and the boots look really warm and snuggly!

  6. You look amazing!!! love that blouse so much!! Following you:)