Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Jane Norman Cherry Coat and Cute Gloves

Today I decided to go check out the sales since it is the last day before my lectures start...

I saw 70% off signs everywhere I looked! Oasis, Top Shop, Dorothy Perkins, Jane Norman, Warehouse, Ark, Accessorize...all of these high street bands were hosting some awesome sales. But the only shop that didn't seem to be in the sale spirit was once again, Terminal D which is a shame as out of all the shops I visited, Terminal D was the only place where I wanted to buy loads of stuff.

Song of the day: The One That Got Away by Katy Perry

Nevertheless, I came across an awesome red coat in Jane Norman that I ended up buying:

Sorry about the photo quality and my sucky posing...

Coat: Jane Norman
Hat: Market Square
Shoes: Albano

I really liked the texture of the material, which feels thick and warm, and the colour, which is a deep cherry red. Both of these aspects sadly aren't captured very well by my camera.

The coat was on sale, so I ended up getting it for forty percent of the original price!

I also got these from Market Square:

So cute!

I've been meaning to buy a new pair of gloves for ages now after I lost one of my beloved gloves back in December. I'm quite happy with these as they didn't cost that much and are fleece lined inside for extra warmth. Plus, the fact they are fingerless mittens means I can also grip my handlebars when I cycle to and from lectures!

Yishi xxx


  1. The coat is adorable. :D

    I'm a huge sale/coupon junkie.

  2. Your shoes are fit!!!

    Great blog! I love fashion too, but havn't incorperated it into my blog yet...You may have just inspired me a little!!

    Madi x

  3. The outfit... <3
    The shoes are so beautiful! ;u;
    I recently bought a red coat too. :'D

    And the mittens! I have a pair in a similar style, but white. xD

  4. That coat is gorgeous and those shoes = LOVE!!

    1. Hehe thanks! Just so you know, the coat is still on sale... ;)