Monday, 16 January 2012

OOTD and Haul!

Hey there, this is the outfit that I wore today!

Necklace: Heritage, gift from SJ
Top: Primark
Dress: FORGET.ME.NOT, from a shop in Amsterdam
Belt: Madame Butterfly
Cardigan: Brave Soul, from a shop in Liverpool
Boots: xti, from Oxfam in Liverpool

Does this look work?

I also went shopping today and came across a cute shop called Terminal D that's located in the Lion Yard where Madame Butterfly used to be. Terminal D is owned by a Korean guy called Shawn who designs all of the clothes in the shop and tells me that it takes so much time that he only manages to get three hours of sleep on some nights! I spent ages browsing the stuff there, but my eye kept on lingering on a really cute pink cardigan. In the end, I bought it even though it was pretty pricey, but I liked the cut and it looked good with my outfit at the time!

I'm too tired to model the cardigan so will show you it at another time... ^^

Afterwards I headed to Market Square where I overhead two Chinese girls haggling with one of the vendors, so after they left, I approached him and managed to bargain down two hats and two scarves! I'm not sure if I'll keep the black set yet but I think it'll definitely make a cute present.

Oh, I also bought a white eyeliner from Boots:

White eyeliners are so hard to find!

After reading some tutorials on how to make your eyes look bigger, I finally decided to get a white eyeliner so will be experimenting around soon! ^^

All my love,

Yishi xxx

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